The SPDR Treasury website is up and running.

The Slovak Customer Cooperative ROD Treasury, as the official name of the treasury reads, or "National Treasury / SPDR Treasury" was created.

The goal of the treasury is the social and economic development of the regions. The SPDR Treasury is the Treasury and Depository of Gold Reserves. It is an international financial institution intended for members of the International Cooperative (The Slovak Customer Cooperative ROD).

The SPDR treasury was established as an instrument that will enable the operation of many international projects and programs that benefit the nations, also associated with the provision of financial services for the support of SPDR members.

The SPDR Treasury is an independent structural unit of the SPDR Joint-Stock Cooperative. In accordance with the Statutes of the cooperative, it performs functions to ensure the implementation of the cooperative's budget, preliminary and ongoing control of the management of funds' budgetary resources by the chief treasurer and recipients of budgetary resources from the funds, as well as the function of control and supervision in the financial and budgetary sphere of the The Slovak Customer Cooperative ROD ROD.


is part of International Treasury Monetary One registered in UN ID: 626139.
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