Announcement to registration to SPDR

Dear interested parties to join the SPDR, we are delighted by your great interest in our joint project and your questions that you send to us in the SPDR. It is an encouragement and inspiration for us. Since the work on our joint project is at its peak. In this way, we would like to ask for your patience.

Thank you for understanding that we are currently not ready to respond to every email we receive from the point of view of availability and human capacity.

  1. We will start the registration as soon as we are ready, that is, in the Documents section, we will reveal the application, that is, the expression of interest, between the SPDR and the shareholder of the Cooperative (FO&PO).
  2. The SPDR rules, as well as the Application Form (Expression of interest in joining the SPDR) will be available, only and exclusively, on the official SPDR website at the time of registration for the SPDR Cooperative.
  3. We will inform in advance about the launch of registration to the SPDR Cooperative through our official website, social networks of SPDR and partners - YouTube channel Zlatá Éra and Slovanské Noviny.

Hereby we would like to ask you and at the same time request that you first familiarize yourself with all the information that can be found on our website

We have created a Video section on the SPDR website for important and priority questions that are repeated regularly. We are currently updating the section and gradually adding the latest answers to your questions (

We also take the liberty of bringing to your attention the latest video of the interview of the Chairman of the Board of Directors about SPDR.

We are pleased with your interest and look forward to cooperation.

With respect and thanks for your understanding, the management of the SPDR Cooperative.


Oficiálne Sociálne siete SPDR



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