Life after the Change, the ERA of sharing is coming.

We often hear what a person does not want. Practically constantly, people use the word change in various connections or talk about what they don't want. They talk about the change they would like to see happen in their lives. They want something to change in their lives, but they don't talk about solving their dissatisfaction and they don't know how to define their own sense of freedom and happiness. Nowhere do you hear a solution for a way out of the situation in which Man finds himself and what the change in his life should look like. What does he really desire, or what is the goal.

"A prosperous society made up of satisfied and creative people?"

The society will be governed by Old Slavic law, Cones of Genus, and other rules of free people. The main goal is a prosperous society. Money is like blood flowing in society. The first prerequisite is a common currency that is interchangeable for international trade, that is stable, interest-free, and preferably one that works like Nature. This means that just as the sun shines on all indiscriminately and promotes growth so that what is needed grows and provides a harvest for all, so everything that is not consumed rots through the natural process to grow again through the next cycle and support life itself on Earth.

Today, we have prepared sufficient financial resources to cover and create a currency so that everything is in sufficient volume for every person in the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic and other Slavic nations, for the bright, creative and free life of Man, Family and the Nation.

The currency is the property of only free people involved in the new system created on the basis of the gold standard (the new culture of the establishment, through the new financial instrument, the legal subject of the Cooperative, as the cornerstone of the new coexistence of people living in this territory and on the basis of international law based on truth, conscience and justice) in such a way that every person has an equal share.

This means that no one, no state, organization, financial institution, person, bank, etc. they have no power over the name and thus also over the fate of people. Of course, it's important to remember that if all the money were to be given out to people, then hyperinflation would occur and it wouldn't help anyone, just like if we let the sun send out all the energy at once that it would otherwise send out over several years. Therefore, it is important in the process to act like the sun, which gradually releases this energy in a sufficient amount for everyone.

A person without economic and financial hope will find it difficult to create and feel free. Only a single person who solves problems with mortgage repayments, various loans or his Family's budget practically every day will focus his attention on his goals and dreams in life for himself, the Family and the Nation. Our common goal is the creative individual, the community and the Nation. There is nothing that we cannot do together as a free and creative society.

As they say: "You have to start with yourself". He already knows how to define what he doesn't want. However, let's all try to define what we want in our lives, how we think life and the world should look like after the change.

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