We launched the Video section: Questions and Answers.

Based on the number of questions we receive in SPDR, we have created a new section called Video. In one place, he will find answers to five questions that interest potential SPDR members.

The goal was to create one unit in the form of questions and answers. We have gradually collected the questions that come to us every day, and based on that, we have created a section where you can listen to the answers to individual questions.

The system works simply. You can access the videos by clicking on Video on the top bar of the website and then entering your email address. In case of re-entry, you will enter the same e-mail.

After clicking the login button, you will be taken to the system for individual videos that you can play on your device at any time.

Send your questions or ideas for improvement to info@spdr.sk

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Ilustration image source: pexels.com


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