Career in the Slovak Consumer Cooperative ROD and its structures, which means: the structure of the SPDR Cooperative, the structure of the SPDR National Bank (NB: SPDR) and the National Treasury (SPDR National Treasury) and other national or international organizations in cooperation with the SPDR and not only.
Labor relations in the Slovak Consumer Cooperative Rod (hereinafter referred to as ”SPDR” ) are based on a contractual system. Executive employees are selected by the governing bodies. They are appointed for a fixed period with the possibility of extending the cooperation, or for an indefinite period based on an employment contract between the SPDR employees and the SPDR Cooperative. The remaining employees work on the basis of contracts for an indefinite period or for a fixed period, among which there are several types of contracts. The balance between open-ended and fixed-term contracts is maintained in order to ensure the basic principles of SPDR, in particular the independence of the staff, as well as the high expertise of the staff.

If you are interested in joining the SPDR structures, you must meet the requirements for this position and go through the selection process. Most employees, especially in executive positions, must know at least one foreign language, within the working languages of the SPDR – ​​english, russian, or other languages (french, german, spanish etc.)

From a legal point of view, the competent person of SPDR is responsible for the recruitment of employees, who assigns them to his representatives and the heads of the relevant personnel services available at the SPDR headquarters and in the SPDR offices. Employees in SPDR structures must, based on their position, respect the basic values of the Cooperative and the organizations with which it cooperates.


Belief in basic human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person and in the equal rights of men and women.
Employees must respect all cultures; they must not discriminate against any individual or group. They must not abuse the power and authority they have.
Employees must ensure a high level of efficiency, competence and integrity. The term integrity includes, but is not limited to, decency, impartiality, fairness, honesty and truthfulness and integrity in all matters related to their work and position.
Employees are subordinate to the SPDR Board, which has the right to appoint any employee to the relevant position in all SPDR divisions. When accepting a position, employees undertake to perform their functions and base their behavior only on the interests of the SPDR.
Loyalty to the objectives, principles and message of the SPDR represents one of the key duties of all employees, given their status as international public servants.
Employees' personal opinions and beliefs, including their political and religious beliefs, remain inviolable, but they themselves must act in such a way that these opinions and beliefs do not adversely affect the performance of their official duties or the interests of SPDR.
International public officials may not engage in any activity incompatible with the proper performance of their duties in the SPDR. They must refrain from any action, and in particular from any kind of public statement, that could damage their position or the integrity, independence and impartiality required by that position.
The competent Cooperatives decide whether an employee meets the requirements for the behavior of an international employee.
The behavior and activities of an international employee must exclude the so-called conflict of interests, i.e. j. a situation in which the employee somehow tries to exercise his personal interests or the interests of any third-party institutions and organizations.
Employees may not actively participate in the management of or have a financial interest in the activities of any for-profit, business or other enterprise, if such participation or financial interest enables the employee or the for-profit, business or other enterprise to benefit from the employee's official position in the SPDR.
For example, an employee in the SPDR's legal affairs office cannot represent the interests of external clients. The decision on whether the action leads to a conflict of interest is left to the discretion of the competent Cooperatives.
Employees are responsible for the proper performance of their duties to competent persons within the Cooperative.


In the event that you express your interest in cooperation with the International Financial Organization Slovak Customer Cooperative Rod and its structures,





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