01. Who is the SPDR for?

The SPDR is a Sovereign International Financial Institution and a unifying instrument for all individuals – natural persons as well as legal entities, regardless of gender, religion, social status, opinions and other attitudes from any part of the world.

The cooperative creates the same conditions for each member. The conditions for becoming a SPDR member are discussed in the application form and the contract itself concluded between the SPDR and the person interested in joining the Cooperative.

A person over the age of 18 can apply to join the Cooperative.

02. What is the purpose and activities of the SPDR?

The main purpose of founding the Cooperative is to unify member (citizens living in this territory) under one roof, with the aim of creating conditions for the realization of each individual, his own defined goals, desires, for the benefit of himself, his Family, his Relatives and the Nation.

The SPDR activities are aimed at creating an organizational, socio-economic, financial and cultural structure of the Slovak population, the aim of which is to compensate liabilities towards financial institutions and create an environment for the Bright Life and prosperity of the Slovak Nation.

03. Can I become a member of the SPDR if I do not live on the territory of the Slovak Republic or do not have the citizenship of the Slovak Republic?

The SPDR has its doors open to all people living in any part of the world, without exception of nationality, who demonstrate their interest in participating in the SPDR in the form of properly filling out an application and subsequently signing a contract on joining the cooperative, confirmed by their signature on the contract, between the member and the SPDR .

04. Who can become a member of the cooperative?

A legal entity or a natural person who is older than 18 years.

05. How do I become a member of the SPDR Cooperative?

By registering through the SPDR website in the How to become a member section, where the registration procedure is explained step by step.

We recommend registering via Desktop (PC), as the registration form may not be displayed correctly via your Smartphone.

06. How can I register for the SPDR Cooperative?

Only and exclusively through the SPDR website. You can find the procedure as well as the online form in the How to become a member section.

07. Can I bring the contract physically or send it by post to the SPDR headquarters?

No, applications and contracts signed and sent by you physically or by mail to the address of the SPDR headquarters will not be taken into account and will not be registered.

08. How do I pay the minimum fee of one euro to the Cooperative?

The (mandatory) basic entry fee of 1 Euro (in other words, One Euro), in accordance with the SPDR Cooperative's International Statutes (on the SPDR website in the Documents section), must be paid from the date of joining the Cooperative within one calendar year to the SPDR account. The SPDR account is communicated in the contract between the Shareholder (FO and PO) and the SPDR in point 5 of the contract Details and Signatures of the Contracting Parties.

When paying the basic entry fee (1 Euro), please indicate your contract number in the Note to the recipient.

09. As a registered member, can the cooperative increase the basic membership fee, which is paid after registration in the cooperative?

NOT!!! Any changes in the contract, respectively in the contracts, will be applied by the SPDR solely and exclusively for the benefit of the already registered member.

The basic membership fee is communicated by the Statutes of the Cooperatives in Chapter II. Membership in the Cooperative.

10. What does the member's ID number in the contract mean?

It is a specific number assigned to a specific the SPDR unit under which your contract is registered in the SPDR.

11. Where can I go for the SPDR?

Questions about registration to
General questions to

12. What do you recommend I study if I want more information about the SPDR?

1. The official SPDR website:, where the most important information is published.
      - Statutes of the SPDR Cooperative in the documents section,
      - Resolutions of the International Treasury Monetary One (ITM1)

2. Documents and Reports section, where all important information regarding the Cooperative and not only is there.

3. SPDR video section, where there are videos answering the most frequently asked questions, related to SPDR and not only.

4. Website of the SPDR National Treasury:

5. Website of the National Bank SPDR:

6. Youtube SPDR Questions and Answers, where you will learn the answers to the questions:
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