How to become a member in SPDR?

We will inform you about the start of registration via the SPDR website via in the News section. Also through our Facebook page, where we will gradually add more information about the SLOVAK CUSTOMER COOPERATIVE ROD. We hereby invite you to the joint SPDR Facebook group.

We will start registrations for the SPDR cooperative soon.

You can find information on the individual steps and necessary documents to join the SPDR in the How to become a shareholder in the SPDR section.

SPDR membership can be applied for through the SPDR website. After the application is approved by the SPDR Board of Directors, the new shareholder will be sent the original of the contracts, with the assigned registration number and signatures of the competent representatives of the SPDR cooperative and the cooperative stamp.

The SPDR is a cooperative for all - individuals as well as legal entities, regardless of age, gender, religion, social status, opinions and attitudes. The cooperative will create the same conditions for each shareholder, with reference to the rules that every shareholder must unconditionally follow after signing the contract.

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