SPDR financial and economic hope for Slovakia (video).

You know, we need a change, and as soon as possible! Of course, you yourself often come across the topic in conversations with family, friends, acquaintances in your neighborhood or at work, what Man and Nation does not want and, on the other hand, that he wants some kind of change. However, people cannot define what that change should look like. What should she bring to their lives? They practically constantly use the word in various connections - the change they would like to happen in their life. However, nowhere do you hear a solution for a way out of the situation in which Man currently finds himself. We therefore come to the question, what is the meaning and reason for the creation of the SLOVAK CUSTOMER COOPERATIVE ROD "SPDR"?

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At the beginning, we will begin by explaining what the name of the SPDR cooperative itself means.

Slovak - the idea of the name originated in the territory of the Slovak Republic. The cooperative, as a legal entity, was established in Slovakia.

Customer - any person living in our territory, including other territories, can become a member of the cooperative as an equal shareholder. Each shareholder has the right to a share in the cooperative and also has the right to redistribute profits within the SPDR. The member has the right to redistribute all assets, including all conveniences and benefits that the cooperative will provide, in return, he is required to comply with the rules of the cooperative, which are an integral part of the cooperative.

Cooperative - is a legal entity on which we know and can, on the basis of international law, without violating any local law, create an instrument, a legal organism, which is able to communicate and realize the objectives of the Cooperative through itself, as a legal entity, not only for all people living in the territory of the Slovak Republic , but also in the other territories of the Slavic Nations, provided that they become members of the Cooperative. Based on the expression of free will, of each individual.

Genus(ROD) - Family, Tribe, Nation, Nature,...


What is the purpose and strategy of SPDR?

The purpose of establishing the SPDR was to present the structure of a legal entity as the cornerstone of a new coexistence of people living in this territory and on the basis of international law based on truth, conscience and justice, self-organized in this legal entity. SPDR is part of the international financial institution International Treasury Monetary 1, registered in the UN ID: 626139.

International Treasury M1, as the main holder and custodian of global gold reserves and all gold collateral accounts.

In what way should the hope of the Slavs themselves go and provide our nation with a way out of this situation in which we currently find ourselves?

The SPDR strategy is doing good, in the actions of each individual. Our basic idea is pure and bright thought and work with it. We consider it important to communicate that SPDR is an apolitical legal entity that is not interested in the politics and political affairs of the Slovak Republic and other countries in any way and under any circumstances. SPDR is an alternative to the system we have in the territory of the Slovak Republic. SPDR, an international financial company, is governed by International Law, respecting territorial and local law and the Constitution of the Slovak Republic. Among other things, the SPDR cooperative also brings a culture of coexistence, Slavic culture, and is interested in implementing projects through financial investments to support our Slovak - Slavic Nation within the cooperative, for the well-being of each individual, his Family, his Tribe and the Nation.

We would like to invite you to listen to the entire speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SPDR Mgr. Emil Skirkanič.


The first step in becoming an SPDR member, being part of it and enjoying all the benefits the cooperative offers is online registration on the SPDR website. On the SPDR page, you can get more information about the individual steps of how to become an SPDR shareholder.

Important: We will start registration for SPDR soon.

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