The Order of the Hospitallers is the most famous and famous of the spiritual and chivalric Orders.

Its full name is: Sovereign Military Order of the Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and Malta.

The fact that this Knight's Order has not been talked about until now is not because the Order of the Hospitallers has disappeared in inactivity, rather the opposite. The importance of this important Order begins to manifest itself precisely in those periods of human development, when it is literally a matter of saving and surviving the human race.

Different groups of people at different times tried to take the knowledge, possibilities and abilities of the Order of the Hospitallers into their own hands.

Since the situation in the human world has deteriorated to such an extent that people themselves can no longer resist the machinery of degradation and destabilization of human society as such, the activity of the Order of the Hospitallers for the salvation of humanity on our planet is renewed. The greatest threat to humanity was that the global financial system fell into the hands of the Parasites, who exploited this GFS to destabilize human society, riot and war. After the termination of the valid trusts, it was decided that the new regulator and controller of the GFS are already people who are able to prevent and will prevent the abuse of world accounts.

Whatever you have heard about the Hospitaller Order, be aware that if you want to know the Truth, you need to deal with direct information. These can be found today in the Resolutions issued by the Grand Intendant and Grand Treasurer of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Rhodes, Maltese Hospitallers, His Majesty Alexander.

The officially issued resolutions of the International Treasury Monetary One can be found in the article on the SPDR website, also translated into Slovak.

From official information sources:

Sovereign Military Order of the Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and Malta, is the oldest knightly order in the world. It is positioned as a state. It has the status of an observer organization at the UN and the Council of Europe. It maintains diplomatic relations with 107 countries. It issues its own passports, prints its own currency and postage stamps. The Order of the Hospitallers has always been concerned with helping the population, treating and treating the sick.

The residence of the Grand Master is the Maltese Palace, Rome, Via Condotti, 68. Popular names are Johnites, or Hospitalieri.

The past and fate of this oldest spiritual and knightly Order — the Order of the Hospitallers, or the Order of the Johannites, is intertwined not only with the history of Palestine, the Byzantine Empire, the states of Western Europe, as well as the territories of contemporary Central and Eastern Europe, but also with the fate of the Russian Empire at the end of the 18th century. But its roots go back to ancient times.

The Order is officially established in the 11th century. In Jerusalem in 1048, a Christian (at that time the word Christian meant something different than we perceive it today) hospital of St. John for the poor, sick, wounded pilgrims who came to Palestine to worship the holy places. In 1099, the Crusaders conquered Jerusalem. In this war period, the hospital of St. John became a religious-military Order with its own charter. The hospital in Jerusalem continued to exist even after the conquest of the holy places of Christianity by Muslims. The monks of this Order always provided help and shelter to pilgrims and treated the sick.

The well-known historian G. Scicluna, who worked for a long time as the director of the National Library in Valletta, claims that the first mention of the monastic brotherhood of the Hospitaliers comes from the 4th century AD, when Christian pilgrims moved to holy places.

Other sources point to the fact that the Brotherhood was founded by John the Baptist and this Brotherhood moved wherever Christ moved. Certain circles of information indicate that the Hospitaller Brotherhood protected both pilgrims and Christ himself on his journeys.

Sources of information vary. Just like any other topic. Therefore, talking today, in the age of distorted "historical facts" about how it really was, is really premature. If you are interested in knowing more about the Hospitaller Order, we can uncover information from historical records that are available as public official information.

However, the fact is that the Order of Hospitallers is beginning to manifest itself in Slovakia as well. With the establishment of the Sovereign Bank of the Hospitaller Order in Bratislava, Slovakia enters a new historical epoch and international status.

As evidence, we offer a quote from Resolution no. 19 issued directly by the Grand Intendant and Grand Treasurer of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, of the Maltese Order of Hospitallers, His Majesty Alexander:

"The M1 International Treasury has withdrawn All Accounts and is withdrawing All sub-accounts, Energy, assets, mirror assets, and issued issues from the Whole World Financial System and from the Whole World Banking System. All seized Accounts and Assets are placed by the M1 International Treasury in the New World Bank, which is the Main Regulator of the World Banking System and the Main Historical Bank of the World, namely the Sovereign Bank of the Hospitaller Order.

From the moment of signing this Regulation, the entire World Financial System and Banking System is deprived of the Right to settle, Control, carry out transfers, transactions, any management of Financial, valuable and property assets, any means of payment, without written permission to carry out Banking and financial activities , issued by the Sovereign Bank of the Order of Hospitallers and approved by the original signature of the Grand Intendant and Grand Treasurer, Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Rhodes, Maltese Order of Hospitallers, Chairman of the Board of the Sovereign Bank of the Hospitaller Order, His Majesty Alexander Nikolayevich Paramonov. Any attempt to ignore the fulfillment of this Regulation is a Crime and will inevitably lead to Just Retribution, both in the Sacred and Legal Realms.

The M1 International Treasury Reaffirms Its Firm Goals of Protecting the World and Humanity and Building a New, Creative and Just Financial System, Based on the Gold Standard, Which Aims to Serve Humanity in Its Light, Free, Creative, Spiritual, Moral, Material and Sustainable Development in Harmony with God and Nature. Approved, developed and executed From 23.09.2022".



His Majesty Alexander

General Secretary, General Treasurer of the  International Monetary Fund M1,

President and Chief Operating Officer of White Spiritual Boy R.S.B. Global Corp Inc,

Grand Intendant and Grand Treasurer of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Rhodes, Malta Hospitallers


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